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IT Job Interview No-No’s

What to do and what to say in an IT job interview are both age-old questions.  Take it from these IT recruiters, and adhere to the following list of no-no’s with any technical job interview:

1) Don’t be late:  While there’s no excuse for being late for an IT job interview (give yourself 2 extra hours to make it to an IT recruiting firm or client company), sometimes there are extreme traffic or public transportation delays out of your control.  If you’re faced with being late, contact your technical recruiters or interviewer immediately to let him or her know you’re running late.

2)  Don’t dress casually:  Even if you know the client is business casual or even less formal, first impressions are critical to any technical job placement.  Therefore, always play it safe and wear a suit (unless your IT headhunters or hiring manager tells you otherwise).

3)  Don’t  call the IT recruiters or interviewers by the wrong name:  Trick of the trade, ask for business cards after you sit down and place them in front of you based on where the technical recruiters or hiring managers are sitting.

4)  Don’t bad mouth a past employer or boss:  This not only makes you look bitter, it makes the technical recruiter or hiring manager question the real reason why you left your last position.  Also, it’s a small world, there’s always a chance the IT recruiters Boston or client knows that person (or worse is related!).

5)  Don’t leave the interview without asking what the next steps are:  While this isn’t a tragic error, our IT recruiters MA included this “don’t” to stress the importance of leaving with a follow up/timeline.  Try to close the deal while you have the opportunity to sit in front of the IT staffing agency or client company!

Can Facebook Help Your IT Job Search?

Everyone’s favorite social networking site, Facebook, plans to launch its own job board later this summer. The board will aggregate IT job postings from third-party sites and make them searchable to Facebook users. Considering the massive reach of the site, 955 million monthly active users, of which more than half are daily users, 552 million, the idea may seem like a dream for all IT recruiters, IT job seekers, employers or IT recruiting companies. Two debates are raised however on the effectiveness and appropriateness of Facebook as a professional IT job seeking and technical recruiting tool.

One fundamental question for Facebook’s potential new job board is how to publish open positions to its multitude of users. The site exists to promote social networking and while it may be one aspect of this, IT job searching is not the main reason people visit Facebook. If IT jobs were to solely take the form of ads on the side of the page, they could likely be ignored as most other ads on Facebook are. Another proposed idea is to include job postings directly in newsfeeds, using information in a user’s profile and timeline activity to match particular interests or skills. Considering the way we use Facebook, newsfeed job postings may be annoying and overlooked. Maybe Facebook should call up one of Boston’s top IT staffing firms and have our web designers and programmers create the solution.

As AVID IT recruiters Boston can tell you, matching the perfect candidates with our IT job openings is tough work. Considering my own carefully maintained Facebook profile and those of my many friends, it seems the information published by Facebook users may not provide the best source for matching technical jobs. Facebook profiles most often do not include extensive information about one’s professional experience, interests, or skills. Listing a workplace or position is not even a profile requirement.  Take a look at Facebook’s professionally minded step-sister, LinkedIn, on the other hand. LinkedIn by design is a means to display your information technology career information in detail and invite employers and IT recruiters MA to view it and reach out. A Facebook profile showcases very different aspects of one’s life – 1000s of pictures from college and your recent family trip, life updates and that great song you just listened to, rather than your project details at work.

There’s always the risk too of showcasing the wrong personal life details with the wrong professional contacts. People have failed interviews and lost jobs for precisely this reason. If Facebook users were to alter their profiles to make them more professional in nature and appealing to IT recruiting firms, by deleting those photos of you and your college roommates at the bar in matching pumpkin Halloween costumes (guilty) and adding complete professional resume details (boring) wouldn’t we lose the appeal and charm of our most beloved and addicting work distraction (just kidding, boss)?

LinkedIn was built as a professional networking site, allowing users to make connections with people they are not necessarily friends with, or may not even know personally, but who may provide insight into a desired career. We understand Facebook as a place for friends to connect and share socially with each other (even those 200 “friends” you’ve barely, or never, met but you still convince yourself it’s not creepy to look through every picture from their last trip to the beach.) While all IT job seekers should be using LinkedIn to connect with other IT professionals who offer networking opportunities and career advice, do you really want to “friend” your IT recruiter on Facebook?

Ask Not What Your IT Recruiter Can Do for You…

From relationships with hiring managers to all the right tips on formatting your resume and prepping for interviews, it seems technical recruiters have the inside scoop.    IT staffing firms are an excellent resource when you are seeking a new opportunity, but never expect your IT recruiter to limit him or herself to just you.  IT recruiters work with multiple candidates at a time, so expecting them to dedicate all of their time and know every intricate detail about your life is unrealistic.  Here are some tips to improve your relationship with IT recruiters Boston and make his life a little easier.

Meeting in Person

Candidates should always meet with their technical recruiter in person.  Not only will it break the ice, but you will also share a closer bond.  Emotions and tone are lost in plain text and facial expressions are invisible over the phone.   While one person might find humor in sarcasm and wit, another might find it offensive.  Meeting with your IT headhunter will help to define these boundaries.

Being Specific

Just as candidates do not want to be strung along, do not mislead your technical recruiters Boston by showing interest in an IT job that is not the right fit.  If you feel uncomfortable about saying no, this is a sign your relationship needs work.  Be upfront with your IT staffing representative about what exactly you are looking for in a position and what you do not want.  Be mindful that letting IT recruiters MA know what does not work for you opens opportunities for others.

Having Your Time

Communication is crucial to maintaining a solid relationship.   Candidates and IT recruiters should discuss mutually agreeable times to discuss any issues or concerns that may arise.  Both parties should aim to be flexible as recruiters work with multiple candidates and consultants may have hectic schedules.  This time slot eases the frustration of missed phone calls or neglected emails, but be open to meeting outside this time as well.

These are just some tips to help candidates and IT recruiters get to know each other better and understand one another’s needs.  If you still feel disconnected from your recruiter, it might be time to move on.  Do not be afraid to speak to another representative.  If you have a successful relationship, let others know and share the wealth!

How Most IT Recruiting Offices are Set Up

All of the IT recruiting companies Boston that I have worked for, and all of the IT staffing offices that I’ve been in, have all been set up the same way.  First, there is a general “pit” in the middle of the office.  This is where the IT recruiters Boston will sit.  The openness allows for easy communication – verbal instant messaging you might call it.

A typical day in the IT recruiting world is anything but typical.  Technical recruiters might be talking to prospective candidates one minute, setting up an interview the next.  Soon after, they may have the opportunity to roll out an offer or break the news that the candidate did not get the job they interviewed for.  IT recruiters may have to call one of their current IT contractors with feedback on their job performance or they may have to release them from their assignment.

Because there are so many nuances to the IT recruiting role, so many different scenarios that may arise day in and day out, the open floor also provides another purpose.  It allows other IT recruiters MA to hear virtually all other conversations.  This proves very beneficial for technical recruiters as it allows them to absorb as many techniques and IT recruiting scenarios as possible.

In some IT staffing offices, there are offices surrounding the “pit” housing salespeople and account managers.  The offices allow them with a bit more privacy, mainly so their IT managers don’t hear all of the background chatter.  When cold calling a client, every second of the conversation counts.  You don’t want to lose credibility if the background noise gives the client the impression you’re in a call center.

In other technical staffing locations, the technical recruiters and IT staffing salespeople sit in the pit together.  Just as it’s critical for technical recruiters to hear their peer’s conversations, it’s equally as critical for the salespeople.  The conversations can be a teaching tool and/or just another opportunity for others to absorb new techniques and styles.

Another benefit of having technical recruiters and IT staffing Boston salespeople sit together on the floor is simply communication.  With any successful placement, the recruiter and salesperson must communicate effectively.  An open pit allows for the two sides with this ability – more verbal instant messaging.

How To Find The IT Recruiting Job That is Right For You

There are so numerous IT recruiting  jobs out there.  The problem for many IT recruiters is that they may not know they’re value or level of experience in comparison to other technical recruiters.  Therefore, here are a few ways to navigate the IT recruitment industry and find the right job for you.

Try taking on new projects within your current IT staffing company. This will allow you to venture into other parts of the recruiting industry without having to switch careers.  During these projects you may meet new people within the company and learn about the kinds of tasks they do in their technical recruiting job.

Read blogs that pertain to the IT recruitment industry.  Many IT recruiting companies have blogs that are saturated with industry information and technical chatter.  Learn about other recruiting professionals and what they are doing for a living.  You can research the companies they work for and the opportunities they have access to.  This will allow you to see what IT recruiters MA are up to and what you can potentially do in the future.

If there is something you think might interest you, try presenting a project to your boss that will allow you to try out them out.  Trying out new roles will help you decide whether it is the right thing for you.

Also contact one of the many IT staffing firms local to you.  Build a relationship with a handful of headunters (based on their credibility, responsiveness and other factors that separate them from the thousands of recruiters out there).  Research local IT recruiting agencies.  Find which specialize in information technology, then read the reviews about each company.  Narrow your search to the best of the best as this is your career you’re putting in their hands.

In the end, the more you try out and explore other roles or companies, the more you’ll be able to identify what it is you want to do within the information technology recruiting industry…..and what company you want to work for.  Activity is king, sitting back and doing nothing will get you nowhere.

How to Start Your IT Job Search?

Starting your IT job search may seem like an uphill climb.  There are so many companies and IT recruiters Boston to choose from.  So how do you get over that hurdle and take that first step?

You may want to analyze your current, or most recent, IT job to figure out what it is that you like about it and what you do not like.  Think about the kind of environment you would like to work in.  Depending on the company you work for, the culture can also affect you and your productivity.

Next, contact some IT recruiting companies.   Ask your peers to refer IT recruiters, research the IT staffing companies, then work with the IT headhunters that you feel more comfortable with and ask them to help you narrow down the type of positions that you’re a good fit for.  IT recruiters MA will be able to look at your resume and figure out what kinds of IT jobs that you can apply to.  Once you figure out what you are looking for, start searching job boards such as Monster.

So what are you waiting for?  The first action step must come from you.  Pick up the phone and call an IT recruiter or log on to some of the job boards and begin submitting your resume.  Take action!