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Is the Grass Always Greener with the Other IT Jobs?

Do you find that you hate your current job and wish you never left your prior position?  Are you always on the prowl for new, better IT recruiting opportunities?  Stop yourself right in your tracks.  If you are constantly seeking new roles without the proper research, you will be in this situation more often than necessary.  Before you initiate the job search process again, here are some reasons you might want to rethink another move.

Ignoring the Positive

By continuously seeking other roles, prospective candidates are putting aside the positive aspects that drew them to this current position.  Rather than focusing on all the things they dislike about their job, zone in on the pieces they do enjoy.  IT consultants should talk to their IT staffing companies about expanding their role to incorporate more of these key features while eliminating or improving the bothersome tasks.   

Ignoring the Negatives

Put down the rose tinted glasses and closely examine this new opportunity.  As there are with most jobs, there may be drawbacks that one does not see at first glance.  After reviewing, if candidates still feel confident about the role, devise a list of questions to ask hiring managers and IT recruiting companies to uncover any downsides.  When technical recruiters have the key points for their candidate, the candidate may find this job is actually more troublesome than their current role. 

Too Much Effort or Not Enough?

All the effort you are putting into finding a better career might be better used at current employers or technical recruiting companies.  By exemplifying your drive to create a solid career path, you will show hiring managers and IT recruiters that you are not only dedicated to your current company, but that you are a valuable asset to the team! 

You should not have to sacrifice your happiness at a job that is not right for you.  Instead of always looking for a new opportunity, try to find what it is that you want and then pursue your IT staffing goals!

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