How to (Gracefully) Leave Work for IT Job Interviews

When you’re searching for new IT jobs with your technical recruiters, you may feel awkward or guilty for leaving work for interviews.  Leaving work to go on the interviews your IT recruiting firms set up may make you feel nervous that your boss and/or coworkers will find out you’re searching for new roles. Here’s how to deal with that anxiety or guilt.

Firstly, remember that everyone leaves work or calls out to go on an interview at some point.  Taking time to go to the interviews your IT staffing agencies have set up isn’t shameful or wrong.  Truthfully, most employers would expect that you’d do this at some point—even if etiquette dictates that you don’t share it with them. This is especially true if you’re an IT contractor.

Secondly, approach taking time for interviews as though you were taking time for any other legitimate appointment.  When your technical recruiters set you up with an interview, simply request time off for an appointment.  IT recruiting companies would suggest that you don’t create an elaborate lie or try to be too secretive.  Most bosses and coworkers won’t pry for more information if you simply state that you have an appointment you’ll need to use some of your earned PTO for.  IT staffing firms would also suggest that you focus on the fact that you earned this PTO.  It’s your paid time off that you worked for.  You get to use it for whatever appointments you need to attend.

Lastly, remember to be focused on what’s really important: how you perform in your interview.  Leaving work for the interviews your IT recruiting agencies set up isn’t the important part.  Save your energy for really impressing your interviewers!


Don’t fret about asking for time off for IT job interviews. Photo Credit: Unsplash via Pixabay.



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