Interviewing for IT Jobs When You’re Sick

January and February are great months to work with your technical recruiters and IT staffing agencies to find new IT jobs.  They’re also months in which you’re likely to get sick—maybe a couple times.  If you’re sick, here’s how to proceed if your IT recruiters and IT staffing firms have you set up for an interview.

  1. Assess how you feel. Is it awful?  Will it affect your performance?  If so, call your IT recruiting agencies and IT staffing companies ASAP and let them know.  They can help you reschedule the interview if you aren’t in good shape to go.  On the flip side, you may be feeling a little under the weather, but you won’t have a problem interviewing.  In that case, you probably still want to go anyways.  Time is usually of the essence in employers’ searches to fill IT jobs.  Don’t delay the interview if you don’t have to.
  2. If you do go to the interview, be considerate.  Make sure you bring tissues, sneeze or cough into your hand or elbow, and hold off on shaking hands. Tell your interviewer that it’s great to meet them, but you’re getting over a cold and don’t want to risk infecting them.  This won’t come across as rude.
  3. Be your best at the interview and try not to draw any further attention to your cold or illness. You want the interviewer to focus on your candidacy and to remember you for that.  If you keep mentioning your cold, your IT recruiting companies will likely get some negative feedback about you.  You don’t want your interviewer to have any doubts about your ability to muscle through and get work done in the face of challenges.


IT Job Search Sick
Are you too sick to do well at your IT job interview? Call your IT recruiters ASAP. Photo credit: Mojpe.



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