3 Things Recruiters Will Need for Your Best Job Search

When you work with IT recruiting firms to find new IT jobs, they’ll be doing most of the work.  They’ll find opportunities that you’d be a great fit for, set up interviews, etc.  However, even with the best IT staffing companies, there are still some tasks you should be prepared to do:

1. Update and polish your resume. IT recruiting companies will help you edit your resume a bit, but this will mostly fall to you.  There are a few reasons for this.  Firstly, nobody understands your experience and skills the way you do.   Your IT recruiters can help shape a resume to fit a job opening better, but they don’t know about every project you’ve worked on or certification you’ve earned.

2. Research salary expectations for yourself before you call IT staffing agencies. It’s hard for Technical recruiters to get you a salary or rate you’re happy with if you don’t have at least a little input.  And you can’t have valid input without doing some research to see what people with comparable skills and experience make in your area.  Think of it this way:  You’ll never be happy with the salary your IT recruiting companies get if you think it doesn’t pay you what you’re worth in your area.  And you can’t know what you’re worth in your area if you don’t look into it.

3. Be ready to possibly take brief tests, submit some sample code, etc. Not all IT jobs require this, but some do.  Obviously IT staffing firms can’t do either of these for you.  And truthfully, you wouldn’t want anybody else to do them.  These kinds of tests protect you from landing in a job you can’t succeed in.  If you can’t pass a required test, you wouldn’t want that job, anyways!


Did you research salary expectations? Your IT recruiters can’t get you what want you want if you don’t know what you want.  Photo credit: kaboompics via Pixabay.

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